Why Buy a Car Through Us?

The old fashion way of purchasing a car

Purchasing a car the old fashion way can be a stressful experience. Completing paperwork and driving around to complete each step of the process can become very time consuming and frustrating. Let’s take a look at a typical scenario of purchasing a car without CUALN:
• Drive all over town looking at various dealers to find the car you want
• Negotiate price with the dealership
• Drive to the credit union to fill out a credit application
• Drive back to dealer and get a purchase order
• Drive back to the credit union and provide them with the purchase order
• Sign loan documents with the credit union
• Wait to receive a check
• Drive back to the dealership
• Complete the purchase

The CUALN way of purchasing a car

• Find dealerships on CUALN’s Online Dealer Map
• Print your CUALN Passport
• Drive to dealership and negotiate price
• Present dealer with CUALN Passport and finance through your credit union, and drive home in your new car the same day without ever visiting your credit union.
The CUALN way allows you to choose and finance your new car right at the dealership, saving you precious time and reducing frustration! You’ll receive an immediate loan decision at the dealership without the inconvenience of driving back and forth between dealerships and your credit union, and without having to wait for a check. Just walk into any participating dealership with your CUALN Passport and drive out the same day in your new car!