Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we as the dealership utilize CUALN as a lending source for someone who isn’t a credit union member?

A: Yes. Some of our credit unions, allow the dealer to enroll qualified customers, at the point of sale.

Q: If I enroll a potential customer in a credit union do I have to collect any fees from the person to enroll them in a credit union?

A: No, any funds required will be paid for by the credit union at time of funding.

Q: What is Aimbridge’s role in this process?

A: Aimbridge is the third party data processor and loan document clearing house for the credit unions.

Q: What contracts should be used to process the loan?

A: The Maryland or Virginia Law Contract; most recent version.

Q: How do I order Maryland and Virginia Law contracts?

A: Call 1-800-344-0996.

Q: How long does it take to get an approval after the application is submitted on Appline?

A: Within 5 minutes you will receive a response by fax stating your deal’s status. It will be approved, denied, or referred. If referred, the CU will respond with a decision within 30 minutes (During normal business hours). All responses can also be found Online.

Q: What if my deal gets conditioned or referred – Can I, or should I, call the credit union myself and work the deal?

A: All decisions are returned by fax and can be reviewed on Online. The best methods of contact are Dealer Development at 1-866-312-2511, or the Online tool.

Q: Can my customer go to the credit union and get a lower rate than is posted on the Rate Sheet?

A: Your customer should get the same or better rate at the Dealership.

Q: What is needed for funding?

A: Please follow the Funding Checklist. The Checklist can be found on the edoc library. This has been provided as a guide to ease the funding process.

Contact Information

Aimbridge Dealer Development: 866-312-2511

Chris Fanzo – Sr. Director 410-804-8260,
“D” Strickland 443-386-2345, MD Bus Mgr,