What CUALN can do for you

Increasing member convenience and your bottom line

By becoming a participating CUALN credit union, you’ll have the ability to capture your members’ automobile financing at the point of purchase. CUALN credit unions originate nearly 40% of their auto loan assets through our program. By using innovative technology and the Internet to link the dealer with your credit union, you will gain excess to hundreds of dealerships in your market. CUALN is able to meet your members’ auto financing needs—right at the dealership. We save your members’ time by being ready to serve them when and where they are ready to buy. Plus, you retain their auto financing without them having to place extra calls or visits to your credit union office.

Join "The 86%"

Did you know that 86% of all automobile financing is provided at dealerships? CUALN provides a means for your credit union to capture more loans by allowing for loan closure at the point of sale. Credit Unions lose many loans to automotive captives or banks, simply because it is more convenient for buyers to finance at the dealership. By becoming a participating CUALN credit union you can join “The 86%”.

Approved in seconds

Using your credit union’s risk parameters, a robust automated decision engine reviews your member’s information that is entered by the dealer. Loan decisions for your members are communicated to the dealer in seconds.

Saves employee time

The dealer performs all of the data entry in order for your credit union to make the loan. Your staff doesn’t have to take calls, fill out applications, complete paperwork, or cut checks. If a deal needs additional information from the dealership or the applicant, your staff may communicate immediately using online tools. Your loan officer never needs to pick up the phone and track down the dealer. All notes, answers, and information are kept as part of the audit record of the application for review and analysis at any time in the future.

The 365-day advantage

With CUALN, weekends, holidays, and nights are no longer off-limits for loan approvals. CUALN’s decision engine will use your lending criteria 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Satisfied members

Members appreciate the convenience of financing their loan through their credit union without having to leave the dealership. It makes members more likely to do business with your credit union rather than your competition and helps build a positive member relationship. The online software provided to participating credit unions facilitates a smooth process from start to finish for both the member and the dealer.

Portfolio growth

A successful indirect lending program without a sizeable investment is possible when you choose CUALN. When your members have the opportunity to finance their auto loans at the dealership, your loan volume has the potential to increase dramatically.

Hundreds of car dealerships and growing

With hundreds of participating auto dealerships in Maryland and Northern Virginia, there’s sure to be one near where your members work and live.