About us


CUALN is a collaboration of 17 local credit unions and hundreds of local auto dealerships working together to provide credit union members with the ability to obtain credit union financing at the point of purchase.

Since 1998, our sole mission has been to provide local credit unions with cost effective ways of competing with traditional dealership lending sources. Through a partnership in CUALN, local credit unions have the ability to capture a higher share of member automobile financing, by being an available lending source at the point of purchase.

Why choose CUALN?

  • CUALN was established in 1998 to serve the Maryland and Northern Virginia market. This market receives 100% of our effort.
  • CUALN is a local credit union program, run and managed by our team of lending professionals that understand the local market.
  • CUALN has over 75% of new car franchised dealers in the MD & Northern VA market under agreement.
  • Participating CUALN credit unions book 55% of loans they review.
  • Participating CUALN credit unions book 80% of loans they approve.
  • Over 80% of loans funded are B credit tier or better.
  • According to a study by Callahan's, credit unions with indirect lending programs tend to grow faster than Credit Unions without programs.
  • Indirect Lending can bring in new members (our participating dealers have the ability to enroll members in participating credit unions, where applicable, at the point of sale).
  • An Indirect Auto Lending program will assist you in meeting desired loan growth requirements.